Financial Funding and Grants

revolving loan fund program

The purpose of the Revolving Loan Fund is to promote local economic development through the expansion and retention of employment and business opportunities in the Oshkosh area, with an emphasis on the Central Business District. The fund is also designed to promote and foster entrepreneurial expansion in the Oshkosh area.

Such purposes are declared to be a public purpose for which both public and private funds may be expended. Through the Revolving Loan Fund, loans are provided on terms tailored to meet the needs of qualified borrowers for eligible projects. The guidelines provided are intended to be used in the general structuring of economic development projects.

Fund Objectives:

We reserve the right to waive any Fund requirement it deems necessary in order to develop successful projects, and to accept or reject any application for project funding. The objectives of the Fund are to:

  • Stimulate commercial business growth and expansion in the Oshkosh area with emphasis on the Central Business District.
  • Stabilize commercial and residential occupancy in the Oshkosh area and in the Central Business District.
  • Diversify the economic base in the Oshkosh area and the Central Business District.
  • Foster the retention and expansion of financially and managerially sound existing commercial business in the Oshkosh area and the Central Business District.
  • Attract financially and managerially sound new business and capital to the Oshkosh area and the Central Business District.
  • Support start-up businesses in the Oshkosh area and the Central Business District which will enhance the entrepreneurial climate for the community.
  • Assist in goals concerning targeted recruitment efforts to prospects outside of the Oshkosh area on behalf of the Oshkosh Area Economic Development Corporation and its close partner organizations.
  • Stimulate private sector investment in long-lived physical plant and equipment to increase productivity, create new employment opportunities, and increase the tax base in the Oshkosh area and the Central Business District.
  • Provide financing to fill gaps in local capital markets and thereby stimulate private sector capital formation, and to serve as a pump primer rather than a replacement for private commercial lending.

The Oshkosh Chamber Revolving Loan Fund Policies and Application can be found here

Winnebago County Revolving Loan Fund Program:

Purpose: To provide financing to local units of government in the County that have business or industrial development projects that provide quality job opportunities and increases the tax base of the county.  Funds can be used by local units of government to finance infrastructure improvements within their industrial parks, construct spec buildings, purchase real estate or to financially assist businesses and industries that wish to expand or relocate within the County.

Total Dollars in Fund:  $2.7 million

Total Funds Currently Available: Varies – for the latest update on available funds contact: Jerry L. Bougie, Winnebago County IDB Coordinator, phone: 920-232-3340, email: [email protected] (link sends e-mail).

Eligible Recipients: Local units of government in Winnebago County with tax levying authority are eligible for borrowing from the fund.  Businesses interested in benefiting from this program should work closely with their community leaders.

Terms: Dollars are loaned to local units of government at low fixed interest rates.  Loan principle and interest are required to be repaid within 5 years.  Accelerated paybacks are allowed, and other terms are negotiable. For current interest rates, application materials and loan policies, click on the above link “Revolving Loan Fund Policies and Application”.

Information and Contact:  Jerry L. Bougie, Winnebago County IDB Coordinator, phone: 920-232-3340, email: [email protected]

Business Improvement District (BID) Grant Fund

The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce is part of a unique partnership to support downtown economic development. 

The Business Improvement District (BID) and the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce developed the partnership to support the BID Manager position when it was first formed back in 2008. The partnership led to the hiring of Oshkosh’s first Downtown Business Improvement District (BID) Manager which was supported by the Oshkosh Chamber. Jessie Meidl is the current BID Manager and now has her office located within the Oshkosh Convention and Visitors Bureau. 

From her office at the Oshkosh CVB, the BID Manager works to:

  • Manage and coordinate downtown events
  • Manage downtown initiatives
  • Assist in making downtown the destination of choice for shoppers and visitors
  • Create greater awareness of Downtown Oshkosh
  • Enhance beautification of Downtown Oshkosh

Jessie also manages the Downtown Oshkosh BID Recruitment Fund Grant (RFG), which provides qualified businesses with grants for up to $5,000 for expansion and/or relocation into the BID.  Qualifying businesses must go through the RFG application process.

Log on to to learn more.