Legislative Watch

Links to webpages of area elected representatives, councils and boards.

Ron Johnson – US Senate

Ron Johnson began serving as Senator for Wisconsin in 2011. He was recently reelected to a second term, beginning January 2017.

Tammy Baldwin – US Senate

Tammy Baldwin began serving as Senator for Wisconsin in 2013. Her first term expires in January, 2019.

Glenn Grothman – US House of Representatives

Glenn Grothman is Wisconsin’s 6th District Congressman. First elected to the House in 2014, his second term begins in January 2017.

Dan Feyen – Wisconsin State Senate

Dan Feyen was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in November 2016 to represent District 18. His term begins in January 2017.

Roger Roth – Wisconsin State Senate

Roger Roth was elected in 2014 and is serving his first term as Wisconsin State Senator for the 19th District.

Gordon Hintz – Wisconsin State Assembly

Gordon Hintz has served as State Assembly Representative for Wisconsin’s 54th District since 2007.

Michael Schraa – Wisconsin State Assembly

Michael Schraa has served as Wisconsin’s 53rd Assembly District representative since 2013.

David Murphy – Wisconsin State Assembly

David Murphy has served as Wisconsin’s 56th Assembly District Representative since 2013.

tony Evers – Governor

Tony Evers is the Democratic Governor of Wisconsin. Evers was elected to the office on November 6, 2018.

Cabinet secretary appointees:

Department of Natural Resources:

  • Preston Cole, a member of the state’s Natural Resources Board who was its first African-American chairman, and a Milwaukee city official.

Department of Administration:

  • Joel Brennan, CEO of Milwaukee’s Discovery World science and technology museum and a former campaign manager for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Department of Corrections:

  • Kevin Carr, a U.S. marshal and onetime top aide to former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.

Department of Tourism:

  • Sara Meaney, chief marketing officer for Milwaukee Film, the city’s annual film festival.

Department of Health Services:

  • Andrea Palm

Department of Revenue:

  • Rep. Peter Barca

Department of Workforce Development:

  • Sen. Caleb Frostman

Department of Safety and Professional Services:

  • Assistant state superintendent Dawn Crim

Department of Children and Families:

  • Evers chief of staff Emilie Amundson

Winnebago County Board

The Winnebago County Board consists of 36 district supervisors, each elected to a two year term.

Oshkosh City Council

The Oshkosh City Council consists of 7 council members, including an elected Mayor, all elected at large from throughout the city.

Board of Education

The Board of Education consists of seven members elected at large to three year terms.