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Leading From the Top Session 1: Changing Culture

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Oct 08, 2020
8:00am - 9:00am


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Presented by Joe Thompson and Vicki Updike of Differentiating Strategies

Things look different at the top of an organization. The skills used while rising through the ranks or building the company are more about making sure the right things get done rather than doing them yourself; finding the answers becomes secondary to asking the right questions. For many small and medium companies, obtaining executive development can be a challenge. For the last four years, the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Differentiating Strategies to bring a series of developmental briefings targeting top level leaders in small and medium businesses. We have selected leadership topics other leaders have mentioned as being relevant in the current landscape. These are presented in accessible down to earth briefings that empower leaders to immediately begin using what they learned within their business. Take the time away from working in the b business and invest some of it in yourself!

The topics complement each other but can produce value if attended individually.

Session 1: Changing Culture - October 8

What is culture and how do executives change it from the top? Culture is the experience people have when interacting with your organization. As the senior leader, you either proactively define the culture or reactively deal with the perceptions that emerge on their own. Uncurated cultures can fragmentment into inaccurate narratives that can adversely impact the organization’s productivity, projected image, recruitment and retention. Those who understand the components of culture and the principles by which it is established are empowered to foster a deliberate culture that helps keep teams focused and aligned, providing constancy, even in chaos.

In this briefing we will look at the three descriptive characteristics that leaders can use to the culture the company is pursuing for all its stakeholders. This helps move culture from a “can’t describe it, but know it when I see it” to something that can be openly discussed and improved. The language will be supported by three accessible leadership principles key to leading cultural change. Participants will come away thinking about culture in an actionable way. The basics of doing this are not as complex as they might seem.

Session 2: Accountability - November 12

Accountability is essential to aligning resources with target outcomes. But, what is it and why can it be elusive? Accountability is established by agreements that define successful performance at the front end of an effort. To yield the best results, accountability is fostered in a culture, where leaders proactively verify understanding of these agreements and gain commitment to achieving them. Whether a small retail operation of a large layered organization, accountability starts from the top, and like most aspects of leadership, what you do is more important than what you say about it.

In this briefing we will lay out a basic framework that simplifies and makes accountability approachable by any leader. Our focus will be on the role of the top executive in establishing and fostering this culture. We will also discuss the counterfeit for this skill and how that can hurt the company. Join us for a virtual introduction to this performance altering leadership skill and leave with actions you can take the same day.

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