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Career & Life Path Day

Tying education to real-life job opportunities.

Career & Life Path Day is a three-day Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce and Junior Achievement event that gives 8th grade students in the Oshkosh community the opportunity to gain first-hand experience with a business or organization of their choice. Career & Life Path Day gives students the tools to help determine which career or life path option to pursue, whether it is post-secondary education, the military, entering the workforce, or volunteering, or other options.

Prior to the event, the students work on career based curriculum to provide a foundation to Career and Life Path Day. Career & Life Path Day gives them the opportunity to explore this career area further. Students gain valuable information including:

  • The education path required for a certain career / job
  • The rewards and challenges of a certain career
  • What day-to-day life is like in a certain job
  • What students can do to prepare for a certain career including but not limited to part time jobs, volunteer work, and internships.

Benefits for Schools

  • An opportunity to relate classroom learning to a real-life experience
  • A demonstration of the importance of education in the workplace
  • Positive relationship-building with business/community leaders in the Oshkosh community

Benefits for Businesses

  • A chance to positively affect the outcome of future generations
  • The opportunity to be a part of the Oshkosh education system
  • Promotion of business through community service

Get Involved

Want to make your mark on students in the community? Take part in Career & Life Path Day or any of the Chamber's other educational programs! We are always looking for new ways to help students in the Oshkosh area community. Call (920) 303-2266 for more details on how to get involved.