Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

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BID Grant Fund

The purpose of the Recruitment Fund is to promote economic development in the Downtown Oshkosh Business Improvement District (BID) of the City of Oshkosh by attracting new business or relocating businesses to within the BID. Such purposes are declared to be a public purpose for which both public and private funds may be expended.

Fund Objectives

Through the Recruitment Fund, the BID will provide grants tailored to meet the needs of qualified individuals for eligible projects. The guidelines provided are intended to be used in the general structuring of economic development projects. The objectives of the Fund are to:

  • Stimulate commercial business growth and expansion in the Business Improvement District.
  • Diversify the Business Improvement District's economic base.
  • Attract financially and managerially sound new business and capital to the Business Improvement District.
  • Support start-up businesses in the Business Improvement District which will enhance the entrepreneurial climate in Oshkosh.
  • Assist in targeted recruitment efforts to prospects from outside of the Oshkosh area.
  • Stimulate private sector investment in long-lived physical plant and equipment to increase productivity, create new employment opportunities, and increase the tax base in the Business Improvement District.
  • Assist in the overall Downtown revitalization process and assist with the implementation of the Downtown Action Plan.

Note: The Recruitment Fund Grant is intended to promote either new business or substantial expansion in the Business Improvement District. Activities that are eligible for a new business may not be deemed eligible for existing businesses. For example, new signage for a new business is eligible for funding while the purchase of a new sign for an existing business is not eligible.