Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce

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Legislative Watch

Links to webpages of area elected representatives, councils and boards.

Ron Johnson - US Senate »

Ron Johnson began serving as Senator for Wisconsin in 2011. He was recently reelected to a second term, beginning January 2017.

Tammy Baldwin - US Senate »

Tammy Baldwin began serving as Senator for Wisconsin in 2013. Her first term expires in January, 2019.

Glenn Grothman - US House of Representatives »

Glenn Grothman is Wisconsin's 6th District Congressman. First elected to the House in 2014, his second term begins in January 2017.

Dan Feyen - Wisconsin State Senate »

Dan Feyen was elected to the Wisconsin State Senate in November 2016 to represent District 18. His term begins in January 2017.

Roger Roth - Wisconsin State Senate »

Roger Roth was elected in 2014 and is serving his first term as Wisconsin State Senator for the 19th District.

Gordon Hintz - Wisconsin State Assembly »

Gordon Hintz has served as State Assembly Representative for Wisconsin's 54th District since 2007.

Michael Schraa - Wisconsin State Assembly »

Michael Schraa has served as Wisconsin's 53rd Assembly District representative since 2013.

David Murphy - Wisconsin State Assembly »

David Murphy has served as Wisconsin's 56th Assembly District Representative since 2013.

Winnebago County Board »

The Winnebago County Board consists of 36 district supervisors, each elected to a two year term.

Oshkosh City Council »

The Oshkosh City Council consists of 7 council members, including an elected Mayor, all elected at large from throughout the city.

Board of Education »

The Board of Education consists of seven members elected at large to three year terms.